The Immortal Crown - Richelle Mead

Justin and Mae. Mae and Justin. GAH!!! So. Infuriating!

Mae continues to be an all around, badass full of awesome and a hero worth rooting for. Even when her indicision ramps up the frustration.

Same can be said when it comes to Justin. You WANT him to win! You also want him to man uo when it comes to Mae! 

The Gods begin to reveal themselves in more direct manors, the political agenda ramps up AND ties into the game the Gods are playing. 

Two new players are revealed in the end of this book. One who is represented by someone we trusted, yet suspected and the other is very straight forward with Mae. But I can't think I'd ever trust a trickster. 

Still love this series. Very engaging. This author really has a magical way of getting you to emotionally invest in her characters. This is true in every single book she has written.

The Age of X. To be continued.........