Sunrise - Mike Mullin Ashfall - Mike Mullin Ashen Winter  - Mike Mullin

Alex and Darla. I dare you to not become attached to these two through the Ashfall Trilogy. Today I said goodbye.......

Until I reread the series!

It's a great one folks! With a plot so rooted in reality, it really gets you thinking about humanity. 

There were terrifying moments when I had to put down Sunrise and walk away so my anxiety didn't set me into shakes like the sick cannibals in the story! There were times I was so outraged I was full out yelling at the book. And I cried. I cried for injustices, I cried for love, I cried for life and the living it in the post apocalyptic, volacno destroyed country of America.

Bravo on a rollercoaster of an ending Mr. Mullin. Bravo.