Alienated - Melissa Landers

Who read The Selection by Kiera Cass? Did you find it highly addictive? Were you as emotionally invested in the characters the way I was?

Alienated had the exact same effect on me which I LOVED! I hadn't had a speed read binge like this since The Selection!

An alien race with human DNA that institutes an exchange program so each race can learn more about the other. Filled with snarky humor and, as I mentioned before, characters you really become invested in. Rooting them on, uncertain who to trust, being shocked by who you can and their behaviors. Really there's not one thing I didn't love about this book!

Cara is a strong, intelligent and well rounded heroine. LOVE. HER.

Aelyx is an arrogant, single minded alien who has a lot to learn about humans. Enter Cara. Their dynamic is truly addictive. You simply have to know what happens to them next!  

And now the wait begins for book 2...............