Frozen - 'Melissa de la Cruz',  'Michael Johnston'

Who loved the Blue Bloods series? ME TOO! Which was why I was SO looking forward to Melissa De La Cruz's new endeavor with her husband Michael Johnston.

Frozen is an amazing book with Earth covered in ice, garbage & toxins. Food rationing & corrupt military make for difficult survival. It's even harder to survive if you are marked.

The marked are shunned because of talents that lean toward the magical side. The marked also have to deal with the fact that something on Earth, is making their bodies rot.

Nat, a marked escapee of a military institution, and Wes, former soldier for the military, cross paths and head out to discover The Blue. A rumored heaven on earth where no one starves and the sun exists. Along with their friends they set out over the toxic sea, battling Earth's brutal elements and corruption. 

Frozen is a wonderful adventure full of imagination and fantasy. This new series is a winner!