If You're Reading This - Trent Reedy

This is an eloquent tale about a teenage boy who struggles to figure himself out, do right for his family and his future,and learn about what happened to his father in Afghanistan.

Reading the letters from his father spark an emotion in this reader that kept me flipping the pages just hoping for closure for Mike. Not just Mike, his family too.

This book is destined for greatness. It touches the soul and is extremely relatable for anyone who had to 1. Help make ends meet in a household 2. Had to put school and family before friends and fun. 3. Anyone who has suffered loss and grieves for a loved one, longs to know more about that loved one.

The fact that it involves losing someone to war makes it even more emotional. 

There is a fun feel to this book, which given the subject matter surprised me! I found myself smiling and even laughing throughout the book. CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!

I also loved that this book incorporated Zulaikha's story from 'Words in the Dust.' It made even more special for me to read.  

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone!