The Shadow Prince  - Bree Despain

Bree DeSpain knocks it out of Olympus Hills! Her take on the mythology and the stories of the Underworld suck you right in and leave you wanting more. The Shadow Prince ended far too quickly for my liking!

Haden, an Underlord of Hades, and Daphne, an intriguing human girl with the gift of music, find their destinies intertwined by a prophecy that is hundreds of years old.

Like all epic tales of mythology, The Shadow Prince is full of secrets, betrayals, magic, love, monsters, friendship and war. As the answers to the mysteries of Olympus Hills are unravelled, the residents pasts of the exclusive community come to light and show a tangled web of deciet and greed. With new found secrets come to light, will the different paths to the future and possible salvation for humans and Gods alike be possible? 

Never a dull moment in this first book of a thrilling new trilogy. Ready for the sequel!!!!