Infinite - Jodi Meadows

The Incarnate series is one I've always found to be extremely creative and thought provoking.

In a world populated by one million souls that have been reincarnated for 5,000 years, Ana arrives. A new soul.

Throughout the series Ana makes friends and tries to unravel the secrets to the reincarnation. Trying to find why after 5,000 years she is the first new soul. 

Ana finds love, connects with the creatures of her world. From Dragons to the mysterious Sylphs, to the people of Heart and the Range, Ana will try to unite and save their world and humanity. 

I connected very easily with the way Jodi Meadows incorporates music through the entire series. Connecting the people, the emotion and the salvation to music. I myself use music to heal, to excite and to experience. Every. Single. Day. Meadows just gets it, and uses the music to weave a beautiful symphony that is Incarnate, Asunder and Infinite.